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About Us

Signed On is a small sign firm capable of big things.

Established in 2007, but drawing on skills accumulated since 1987, Signed On has up-to-date cutting, printing, and laminating equipment. A full service sign supplier, Signed On provides design, manufacturing, installation of branding programs. Based in Northampton. Services include Vehicle Branding, Sign Boards, Banners, Shop fronts and windows, Health & Safety, and Site Boards, but we're also equipped to take on unusual and special requests.

Philip Josey at work

- Philip Josey, founder and sole owner of Signed On.

"When I did my 4 year sign-writing apprenticeship from 1987 to 1991, cut-and-printed vinyl was still in its infancy and most of the work was done with a brush and paint. We had contracts all over the country, from cricket and rugby grounds to hairdressers and covered every aspect of signage. Design, layout, position, manufacture and budget were all included. I learned silk screening from making the screens to producing runs of thousands. We were big enough to have a vinyl cutting machine back then where I learned the now almost exclusively used form of sign making. We also manufactured cut-out and 3D signage.

"In 2007, when the recession started to bite, I lost my job. I was in shock and had to sign on. Within a few months, it became clear that no-one was hiring, so I decided to redefine Sign On. I maxed out my credit card, used what little savings I had left, called in all favours, and raised enough to invest in myself and buy the equipment I needed. Signed On was born - and I have not looked back since."