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Large Format Digital Printing


Custom printed wallpaper enhances the theme of a conference room, creates an illusion of spaciousness, and provides a point of interest.

Image of wallpaper mural

- Wallpaper can add depth and interest to small conference rooms.

Brighten up any wall with a custom printed mural. Choose from stock images, or provide your own. Papers come in a variety of qualities, so please contact us for advice on the best material for your specific needs. You could do it yourself or have us do it for you. Every aspect of your idea, or the idea you commission us to create for you, is completely customisable and open to negotiation. You will be amazed at what a well-chosen mural can do for an otherwise dull room.

When choosing your mural image, please remember that the image will typically be magnified many times, so the better the quality of the image, the better the result. Different images and effects require different levels of precision however, so a poorer quality image may still do the job, depending on the desired effect.

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Sign Boards

Clearly state the information you need to get across.

Image of industrial estate signage

- Business sign boards advertise as well as mark your location.

Services include parking boards, roadside boards, site boards, wayfinding boards, folded sign trays, and sign boards in frames.

Our parking and roadside boards are made from ACM board in a welded steel frame and can be reflective or standard.

Wayfinding boards lead your customers to specific areas like reception or exit.

Folded sign trays give a professional finish. They are designed with hidden fixtures and stand off the wall by 50mm (or 25mm).

Sign boards come in a variety of materials:- acrylic, aluminium composite panel (ACM), Foamex, Correx (fluted plastic). Each different material has different strengths and weaknesses informing the job it's used for. Please call to discuss your requirements.

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The quick and portable solution for mobile or temporary installations.

Image of rolled up PVC banner

- PVC banner rolled and ready to transport.

Our banners are fully waterproof and can be used either indoors or outdoors. Easy to transport as they can be rolled up and put away.

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